Landscaping Services Camperdown

Do you need Camperdown landscaping? The experienced team at Appleseed Gardening has the skills and tools to keep your garden looking its best. Take advantage of our wide range of services from a company you can trust to do the job right.We offer: garden design and plant selection, horticulture consulting, garden maintenance, and landscape construction.

Garden Design and Plant Selection

Our full service gardeners have the skills to tackle any Camperdown job. Whether you need a newly designed garden, a makeover for the sale of your home, or a restoration, Appleseed has you covered.

Our extensive experience enables us to choose the right plants for your garden. We can also add more complex features such as: paving, decking, and landscaping walls for a seamless look. Let us transform your yard or garden today.

Horticulture Consulting

At Appleseed Gardening, we know horticulture inside and out. Our team of caretakers will keep your garden looking its best at all times.

Are you interested in completing the project yourself? We’ll give you all you need to make it happen. Call us to schedule your consultation today.

Do you want us to design and construct your garden for you? We have the know-how to tackle any job regardless of size.

We’ll begin by outlining the garden you desire. Our experts will create the perfect design from a basic to an edible garden, and everything in between.

Are you looking for a private oasis? Let us construct a private garden for you. We can also provide practical suggestions about plants and flowers.

Garden Maintenance

You want your Camperdown garden to look its best, and we do too. Our caretakers will ensure your garden is beautiful and bright all the time.

Let us perform:

  • Tree work
  • Hedge shaping and trimming
  • Seasonal shrub pruning

We’ll also care for specific trees and flowers. Our gardeners will add fresh fertiliser when required, provide pest control, and much more.

Landscape Construction

Appleseed Gardening is the premier choice for all your Camperdown landscaping construction needs. Let us take care of it all, from paving to retaining walls, driveways, lawns, and more. We’ll construct:

  • Decking
  • Sleeper and timber work
  • Planting

Our landscapers can include: sandstone blocks, sandstone flagging, plus natural stone and cement pavers.

Need irrigation, terracing, or drainage? We can take care of that for you. We are also equipped to handle construction services like planting and laying lawns.

Contact Appleseed Gardening for all your Camperdown gardening, horticultural, and landscaping needs.

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