Garden Maintenance

Want to keep your garden looking beautiful all year round? The expert team at Appleseed Gardening is here to help!

For over 10 years, we have been caring for and maintaining the gardens of Sydney’s Inner West. Our highly qualified horticulturalists bring the latest tools and techniques to transform your backyard into the attractive haven you have always wanted.

Caring for your Inner West garden

Gardens need plenty of care and attention to keep them looking great. This means putting in a lot of time and effort, which isn’t always easy when you lead a busy lifestyle. It can also be difficult to know exactly what steps you need to take to achieve your desired results.

Luckily, Appleseed Gardening can do all the hard work for you, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the outdoor areas of your property! We are absolutely passionate about garden maintenance — we complete each job to the very highest standards, paying the closest attention to every detail. Whatever the size and shape of your garden, we will enable you to get maximum usage and enjoyment from it. No job is too big or too small!

We work quickly and efficiently, and we’re always here to answer all your questions. We want you to share your vision with us so that we can help you maintain a beautiful garden that always meets your needs and standards. All year round, we can keep your garden looking beautiful and feeling fresh.

Our prices are highly competitive, and we believe in complete transparency. You can have the garden you want at a price you’ll love!

Our specialist garden maintenance tasks

We specialise in all areas of garden maintenance, but we pay particular attention to some of the areas that often get neglected. The most routine jobs can make all the difference to the appearance and health of your garden — and it takes a true expert horticulturalist to know precisely what to do.

Some of the areas we specialise in include:

Hedge Trimming and Shaping

Hedges need regular trimming and shaping if you want them to maintain their appearance. If a hedge is left too long without being trimmed, the trees making up your hedge will start to grow back into their original shapes. This can make your garden look untidy and feel overwhelming, as it takes a lot more work to get the hedge back to its former appearance.

Here at Appleseed Gardening, we have the experience and the right tools to keep your hedges looking great! Thanks to our extensive knowledge of plants and trees, we know exactly how each hedge should be trimmed and shaped to look its best, as well as the right times to maintain them. We can keep your hedges maintained several times a year, so they will continue to be attractive features in your garden throughout all four seasons.


Trees and shrubs require special attention to keep them healthy and flourishing. Pruning is a necessary task, but you need to know exactly when and how to do it if you want to keep your garden looking fantastic.

Whether you have a huge garden full of trees or simply a few shrubs in pots, we will use our significant experience to keep them pruned at the right times of the year, ensuring they have a long and healthy future.

Lawn Care

Your lawn is the centrepiece of your backyard, and a healthy lawn is essential for a beautiful garden. We specialise in all aspects of lawn care, from seeding to feeding and weed control, always using the right techniques and tools for the job.

Whatever the size and shape of your lawn, we can keep it looking lush and green, even in the summer months.

Call us for all your garden maintenance in the Inner West of Sydney

From soil maintenance to insect control, and even planting the right plants, shrubs and veggies, we have all your garden maintenance needs covered, all at the right price. If you would like to find out more, please call our dedicated team on 0424 152 467 or contact us online — we’re always happy to help.

Garden Maintenance Care

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