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In Marrickville, our customers know that they can call on Appleseed Gardening for a full range of landscaping and garden work. We have passionate landscape and garden designer teams on-hand that bring the tools, experience and dedication to keep your garden looking its best throughout the season and beyond. Our range of services includes but is not limited to:

Garden Design and Plant Selection

Our driven garden designers can give your garden a little revamp, a totally new design or even a complete makeover so you can boost your curb appeal and sell your property. We can pick out plants that fit with your theme, and our knowledge allows us to plant native gardens, bush gardens, edible gardens and more. Also, we can bring in landscape designers who can incorporate hard landscaping touches like paving, decking or retaining walls. Our selection of water features, pots, garden art and planters can pull the space together.

Landscape Construction

Our landscape designers have completed projects and thrilled customers all over Marrickville. Need a new lawn or driveway? Maybe you need retaining walls, pavers, sleep and timber work or planting. Either way, our landscapers can add a draining system, irrigation, terracing, and other hard construction services. Our selection of sandstone blocks and flagging, Basalt and Bluestone natural stone pavers and cement pavers ensure that you’ll get unique and lasting landscaping.

Horticulture Consulting

We employ a team of garden caretakers who can get and keep your garden gorgeous. If you’d like to learn how to keep your garden, we offer simple consultation services. Our gardeners can come to your home or property and put in an edible garden, outline a basic garden design and construct it, give you plant suggestions that mesh well or help you add privacy to your yard.

Garden Maintenance and Caretakers

Keeping your garden healthy and flourishing takes dedication, experience and knowledge, and this is what our gardeners and garden caretakers excel at. We have extensive experience performing tree work, hedge trimming and shaping and your annual seasonal shrub pruning. If you have specialty tasks that involve maintaining roses, fruit trees or edible gardens, we can help here as well. And, we can tackle pest control and fertilising too!


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